Is Your Hosting Provider SEO Friendly – Checklist

Are you aware of Search Engine Optimization or how the web hosting company should be responsible for the SEO of your website? If you are a beginner, it is possible to think that the SEO is only about keeping the SEO settings for the website for both off-page and on-page content.  However, what you should know is that the hosting company will play a great role in the SEO of your site.  It is good to have a checklist that you can use to identify if the hosting provider will improve your SEO strategies.

The host should be able to provide the best hosting plans for WordPress. WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms, and it is easy to create a WordPress page using different SEO factors with it. Check if your host is able to offer the best plans for WordPress.


Bonus SEO service for the add-ons:

Your hosting company should offer search engine optimization service such as the website submission to Yahoo, Bing and Google. Yahoo offers free ad credits in order to help in building the first promotional traffic.  Such services can be used for a new blog since getting the traffic to a new website can be difficult.

Getting a dedicated IP address for the server:

Having a dedicated IP is a good idea since it tells the search engines that you have a website presence and a geo location.  You have to make sure that the hosting company has a good reputation and that it is able to provide the dedicated IP without too much fluctuating of the IP addresses.


Up Time Percentage:

You should not go for any option that does not offer 99.99 percent uptime when it comes to choosing the hosting company.  This is among the key factors that can help keep the SEO of the website in good standing. When the website has frequent downtime, then search engines will also start to ignore it.

When you are a beginner, you will not have any choice when it comes to a shared hosting plan.  But you have to know the number of websites that share the host with you. Keep in mind that the fewer number of sites, the better the performance.

Before you decide to join any web hosting company, you should check how the company scores in the above areas.

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