What You Should Know About Web Hosting Company

When you decide to improve business results and online visibility, it is important to invest in a company that will create a website which will be part of your business vision and follow your business goals. Modern technologies give you more choices and options that can easily lead you to choosing a Web Design Company that will not create a website you need. Offers, prices, references – you can spend hours comparing web design companies without figuring out which one is the best for you. Here are some pointers how to make the right choice of a web design company to develop your website.

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1) Have a clear idea what you want to tell about your company on a website. Have a clear knowledge of history as well as a mission and a vision. With the strong idea of what your business goals are and how a website will contribute to your business with certain functionalities and information, it will be easier to focus on the best web developer for your company.

2) Recommendations are important and will make your choice easier. Look at your competition’s websites, especially those that thrill you with their design and general impression. Web designers often leave a signature and link at the bottom of the site. If you notice a repeating name of a web design company, visit their website and look through their references. Personal recommendations are also a valid source of information.

3) After you have visited the websites of several web design companies to see their references, it will be easier to narrow down the choice on several that attract you more than others with their quality and creative web design as well as functional and easy to use websites. Contact them to get first hand info on what each of these few has to offer to you.

4) Prices and deadlines are also an important element for your final choice. If you want a unique solution and individualized approach, don’t be surprised if the price is higher than you expected. In the end, make sure to put a4)ll the elements of your agreement into a written contract.

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Benefits and Features of Linux Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a type of shared hosting with some added benefits. Reseller hosting is a good solution for people that are in web design that want to offer a complete solution to their clients (Linux reseller hosting plan as well as web design). Resellers lease certain disc resources and provide them to their users as they see fit. Considering that this is still shared hosting, reseller clients should still follow all the rules of the shared hosting package.

If you consider getting yourself a Linux reseller hosting plan, you will be able to work with your resources on a Parallel Plesk control panel or a WHM because these control panels don’t require lots of technical knowledge and still enable you to make the most of the best Linux reseller hosting. The hosting service is in charge and takes care of hosting hardware and infrastructure, while you have the freedom to configure, update and secure the server data. You will be able to maintain your own client base withthe easy to use control panel. Reseller hosting comes with an unlimited number of domains as well as user accounts – as much as you can afford.

With a reseller hosting service, you have the freedom to create web hosting packages under your own brand and determine their price and characteristics. As a reseller, you will be able to control your service through a simple control panel. If it happens that you encounter some problems, you can get hosting provider customer service help.

When it comes to the best Linux reseller hosting, you should look for redundant resources, which means you will have high availability of service at most times. Most of the reseller packages can be upgraded with elements that will suit the reseller’s needs, such as additional IP addresses or bandwidth. There are also options to change the reseller hosting package.

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What Are the Key Advantages of High-Availability VPS?

VPS provides you an opportunity to maintain complete control and functionality of a dedicated server, including control over booting and backup, while at the same time you still have the advantages of shared hosting: running updates of the operative system, security patches and more affordable prices.

VPS hosting offers excellent performance and good functionality, while at the same time giving you full access to remote web administrator control. Through your control panel you can supervise, control, boot, backup and restore all parts of a VPS server.

Advantages of High-availability VPS

1) High performance of VPS Hosting – VPS efficient system architecture performs on the level of home servers. VPS doesn’t use virtual hardware but accesses actual hardware and drivers present on the server. VPS performances make it extremely favorable for applications with high demands, such as database and email server.

2) Adaptability and easy migration on a dynamic dedicated hosting – Every VPS can over time increase the usability of resources to the max allowed by the physical server on which it works. Using a unique strategy for the migration of the server, you will ensure minimum down time of your server and VPS can easily be transferred on another server in order to perform service or upgrading without alarming clients.

3) Efficient virtualization – VPS effective technologies make these servers the best accessible platforms for the virtualization. The quality of OS, sharing resources between VPSs, creating a ready-made system and application configurations are just some of the many options that enable effective implementation and their usage in your organization.

4) Consolidated OS and application control mean less work for you – VPS uses one OS, which makes it very easy to maintain and to update all virtual servers working under it. VPS administrators never need to worry about new versions of OS or security patches because VPS administrators do this work in a core level.

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Domain Name Registration Scams!

There are a variety of scams that include bulk domain registration or single domain name registration, but they usually include suspicious registrars who try out different methods to get money from you or want to take your (successful) domain from you by scam and then blackmail you to pay to get it back.

For example, there is a case when scammers search through a database to locate domains that will soon expire and will need to be renewed. Then the scammer sends an email with a seemingly official looking memo with an invoice urging you to pay for the domain renewal. Besides paying the scammer instead of your actual registrar for renewal of registration, they often include a domain name transfer to someone else, so you will not only pay for nothing but will also give away your domain name! This fraud works the best in case of bulk domain registration when you need to keep an eye on numerous different websites/domains, which can be a problem if you work alone and simply don’t have time to pay attention to all the details.


There is also a case of a scam with trademark security. The trademark is important for serious companies, because a breach of trademark is considered a breach of law in the majority of countries and every businessman wants to abide by the law.  In this case, the scammer will send an email stating that in their state there is a certain company that has submitted a request to register a domain with your name/brand. They will offer you consultancy services and state that if you authorize them, they will prevent that registration, or they will tell you that if you send them the money, they will register your brand/name domain onto you for several years in advance.

In general, the advice is to ignore these scammers and inform others about such cases.

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Why Do You Need a Managed VPS Server?

Managed VPS Hosting is that class of VPS hosting where you rent the necessary resources with the provider along with the managing services. In this service, the client doesn’t have complete access to the server because the hosting company guarantees the quality of service, i.e., the hosting company takes administrative care to solve all the problems that happen on the server while it works. You need this type if you have demanding web services and you want to focus YOUR resources on the quality of these services while the hosting company makes sure that your website (and your services) is always available.

You are required this kind if you need to ensure proper and permanent availability of website services because occasional unavailability could cause significant financial loss (online shop, financial online services, banking, etc.)


Managed VPS Hosting most often means that the provider is taking care of all server monitoring, updating to the latest versions of installed software, taking care of backup, administration of the server on demand, etc. However, in these situations it can often happen that it is not completely clear who is responsible in the case when the website crashes (quite often a service claims there is nothing wrong with the server, and software developers claim that everything is fine with the application – but the fact is that website doesn’t work properly).

Fully managed one implies that the web hosting provider also takes full responsibility for the design, implementation, maintenance and overview of all system elements (network, server and storage platform, system and applicative software), the administration of all services as well as the communication with the programming team and continuous consulting on the works of optimization of functions, testing, migration and the increase of the security of the hosted system. Fully managed provides a guarantee for the website availability and not just for the server alone.

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The Myth of the Dedicated IP Address for SEO

A dedicated IP address, or a static IP address as it sometimes called, is an IP address used solely by your website. There are several reasons why a dedicated IP address is important for your website, especially if this is your business website.


Besides the fact that a dedicated IP address will eliminate risks related to spam and malware, viruses and illegal content on other websites that share the same IP address with you, a dedicated IP address supposedly helps with the SEO optimization of websites. In other words, your dedicated IP address can help with getting your website higher in search results on Google. Google supposedly considers websites with a dedicated hosting service more secure because they show additional initiative related with presenting their content to the users.

Although there was a lot of debate on the matter whether a dedicated IP address has an influence on the SEO, the mere fact that it removes the risk that search engines might penalize you for viruses, malware and similar stuff does give a certain benefit. Although a dedicated hosting service is usually a matter of your choice, sometimes it is mandatory. For example, websites that work in the electronic trade business should have a dedicated IP address for the SSL certificate in order to function properly. Your users can also get to websites over the IP address, in case of any problem with the domain.

However, when we analyze all that has been said, it is evident that a dedicated IP address doesn’t have any direct influence on the SEO. The thing that matters when it comes to SEO is the fact that links are actually the reason for the SEO success – and links are connected to IP addresses. The success of SEO lies in the off site optimization, i.e., in the elements of quality, volume and relevancy of all links that other websites connect to yours.

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