The Myth of the Dedicated IP Address for SEO

A dedicated IP address, or a static IP address as it sometimes called, is an IP address used solely by your website. There are several reasons why a dedicated IP address is important for your website, especially if this is your business website.


Besides the fact that a dedicated IP address will eliminate risks related to spam and malware, viruses and illegal content on other websites that share the same IP address with you, a dedicated IP address supposedly helps with the SEO optimization of websites. In other words, your dedicated IP address can help with getting your website higher in search results on Google. Google supposedly considers websites with a dedicated hosting service more secure because they show additional initiative related with presenting their content to the users.

Although there was a lot of debate on the matter whether a dedicated IP address has an influence on the SEO, the mere fact that it removes the risk that search engines might penalize you for viruses, malware and similar stuff does give a certain benefit. Although a dedicated hosting service is usually a matter of your choice, sometimes it is mandatory. For example, websites that work in the electronic trade business should have a dedicated IP address for the SSL certificate in order to function properly. Your users can also get to websites over the IP address, in case of any problem with the domain.

However, when we analyze all that has been said, it is evident that a dedicated IP address doesn’t have any direct influence on the SEO. The thing that matters when it comes to SEO is the fact that links are actually the reason for the SEO success – and links are connected to IP addresses. The success of SEO lies in the off site optimization, i.e., in the elements of quality, volume and relevancy of all links that other websites connect to yours.

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