Why Do You Need a Managed VPS Server?

Managed VPS Hosting is that class of VPS hosting where you rent the necessary resources with the provider along with the managing services. In this service, the client doesn’t have complete access to the server because the hosting company guarantees the quality of service, i.e., the hosting company takes administrative care to solve all the problems that happen on the server while it works. You need this type if you have demanding web services and you want to focus YOUR resources on the quality of these services while the hosting company makes sure that your website (and your services) is always available.

You are required this kind if you need to ensure proper and permanent availability of website services because occasional unavailability could cause significant financial loss (online shop, financial online services, banking, etc.)


Managed VPS Hosting most often means that the provider is taking care of all server monitoring, updating to the latest versions of installed software, taking care of backup, administration of the server on demand, etc. However, in these situations it can often happen that it is not completely clear who is responsible in the case when the website crashes (quite often a service claims there is nothing wrong with the server, and software developers claim that everything is fine with the application – but the fact is that website doesn’t work properly).

Fully managed one implies that the web hosting provider also takes full responsibility for the design, implementation, maintenance and overview of all system elements (network, server and storage platform, system and applicative software), the administration of all services as well as the communication with the programming team and continuous consulting on the works of optimization of functions, testing, migration and the increase of the security of the hosted system. Fully managed provides a guarantee for the website availability and not just for the server alone.

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