What are differents between windows hosting and linux hosting

web hostingAlmost all person confuse at the beginning of this journey when they start to say ‘ hello ‘ to WEB world. Some platforms do not supported by windows hosting or by linux hosting. For example .aspx language is not supported by linux hosting. You should consider windows hosting if you would like create a project for yourself by .aspx. Also MSql is just supported by windows hosting. So showing those things are showing us choosing of hosting depend on your project.

Php and MySql both are main supported points of linux hosting. It would be great choose to select a linux hosting if you decide to build a project on Php and MySql technology.

The other difference is about admin panels. Linux hosting is using Cpanel to manage all thing from that panel. Windows hosting is using Plesk panel. You cannot use Cpanel on windows hosting. Cpanel published a panel for windows platform for couple years ago but suddenly they have changed their mind and start to focus only for linux platforms.

Let’s start talk about user experience of windows hosting panel and linux hosting panel.  I would like to share some of my experience as last web hosting user. Plesk panel is giving too many error and I cannot say you will use plesk panel in peace in mind. You cannot guess what type of error you would get. Even you could get error while creating a new web hosting account, or any account restore or permanently account deleting.  Also performance is not good. Creating a new hosting account could get some time more than 1 minute.  Ofcouser Plesk panel is supporting with a big company but unfortunately kind of issue always happening in Plesk panel.

How about Cpanel. It is really fantastic. You could do all thing very fast. It has very high performance. You could do all things in very short time. You could get support service for free from Cpanel. You just need to create a support ticket from your Cpanel. They are providing very friendly support service. They also replying your email very quickly.

All difference makes me a linux fan  . As I said I cannot say don’t use Plesk. Plesk has very good technology but Cpanel performance and trustworthy is better than Plesk. As I said, web hosting choosing is depending on your project.


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