free docker hosting

docker hosting
Free Docker Hosting

CreateRegister.Com has started to offer free cloud server and free docker hosting. W e provide absolutely free  of charge during first 14 days.

We wanted to make sure that you are fully aware of the features and functions that our cloud platform is offering.  

As a friendly courtesy reminder, here is the list of the main advantages that our cloud platform is providing:

No overpayment and commitment!  You are free to join or to leave any time you with to do so.  You only pay for what you consume, there is no tiered pricing model involved, you do not need to over provision resources.

Auto scalability. Setup environments according to your own needs, scale resources within a server and create clusters by adding additional nodes.   

Cloud stability. We are providing our services on a fully fault tolerant infrastructure – our cloud is distributed between two datacenters, which guarantees unprecedented robustness and stability in case even one datacenter is fully taken offline (highly unlikely scenario). 

One-click deployment. We are currently offering more than 100 most popular applications without our Marketplace environment.  Each of those applications can be deployed with one click.  We can always add any of the applications that you do not find in the Marketplace upon request within very short period of time.

•  Ease of maintenance and collaboration. Create one master account for all your applications and delegate different levels of rights to other participants.  

GIT and SVM support. We support GIT and SVM revision control systems, that’s why if you have any changes to your code, deploy them in one click.

Control your expenses. You can control the amount of consumed resources in real time and check statistics in the detailed reports.

Cloud platform is an ideal solution for app developers, hosting providers, SMB, Enterprise, educational institutions and others.

If you need additional help figuring out how to best use this platform, we are always open for a personal conversation and detailed overview of how to improve your and your customers experience.  


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