Ever Heard of an Hourly Dedicated Server?

Well you’re in for a treat. But first:

What is an Hourly Dedicated Server?

It doesn’t make sense for us to just dive in without explaining what an hourly dedicated server is. It’s pretty intuitive though, an hourly dedicated server is a server that charges you per hour of usage. You will simply make a deposit, (so there are no surprise bills) and your usage will be charged against that deposit. You will also be informed when you are running low, this will prevent any offline time.

Who can use this?

This is perfect for people who need extra servers on an irregular basis and would rather save costs on hosting. Saving the business money means you get to keep more money in your pocket! So say for example you’re running a tv commercial during certain times, it might be a logical conclusion that you would get the highest traffic to your site when the commercial is showing or a few minutes after. You can use this knowledge to save on server costs by only paying for the server resources you use that hour, instead of paying a high cost for the whole month – you pay a fraction of the cost only when you use server resources. If you’re trying to be a little finance savvy by cutting costs, this is the plan for you, but don’t just read the chatter, take a look at this pictorial representation of what an hourly dedicated server actually means:

This is how you are charged.
This is how other services charge you.





What are the features of an Hourly Dedicated Server?

Keep in mind these are just the basics.

  • Regular Backups

You never have to worry about losing precious analytical data with an hourly dedicated server, all your information is put in a back up every 6 hours, that’s 4 times in one day. Backup restoration is very quick, in case of any disruption you can get back up running in no time.

  • Easy to Grow

Your servers are automatically resized to fit your usage, this means that you never have to worry about unexpected traffic spikes because your servers will grow to accommodate the change in load. There is no complex setup either, it’s all very easy and smooth.

  • Multiple Server Regions

What good is an hourly dedicated server ( cloud dedicated server )  if it can only be used in alaska? Here at Jelastic we offer prime locations to choose from right from your dashboard. This will enable you to optimize speed of your website to your customers locations.

So that’s just a basic explanation of what an hourly dedicated server is and how it can help your business, make sure to give it a try today! You won’t regret it.


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