What is Docker Web Hosting?

Docker Web Hosting?

Docker Web Hosting – Breakdown

Docker web hosting is akin to an industry secret – even though it’s been out for quite some time now. In layman’s terms, Docker web hosting is faster, uses less ram and makes disk usage much more efficient. It can be run on any major Linux operating system as well as Microsoft Windows. It is also highly secure as containers isolate applications from each other and underlying infrastructure.

Why Should I Choose Docker Web Hosting Over Just Ordinary Web Hosting?

Docker web hosting just deals better than ordinary web hosting when it comes to application assembly, delivery and portability. Docker is simply one of the best open platforms for developers and sysadmins to work on and test distributed applications. Here at Jelaster, you can be sure that Docker containers are production ready and manageable for DevOps, you should try it, it works.

But that’s enough of that, let’s get to the:


Let’s have a short look at a few key features offered by Docker web hosting.

Containers Rock. Really.
Containers are the best.

With docker web hosting, containers just work better than virtual machines. Although they have very similar allocation and resource isolation benefits, a different architectural approach enables containers to be more portable and efficient.

Containers have the ability to share the kernel with other containers, they can run as isolated processes in the user space on virtually any operating system and any cloud. Just this alone is enough to take docker web hosting far above any ordinary web hosting.

0 to a 100 with Software Development.
Save time on every step with Docker Web Hosting.

Software development with docker web hosting feels like a driving a Ferrari on a road with no friction – okay, maybe not that crazy – but it’s pretty fast. Docker web hosting basically allows you to save time on setting up new environments and instances. It also supports a large variety of languages, you don’t have to worry about internal tooling conflicts. In addition to this, you can expect virtually zero environment inconsistencies. If you’re looking for something to match your speed with development, you’ve found it at Jelastic.

Sharing is caring.
What’s the point of the best software if you can’t share it?

This is a great solution for different groups or teams collaborating with each other. You can easily ship containers to other teams and have them test against your app without having to worry how it works.

That’s the lowdown on Docker Web Hosting, we will be covering this topic a bit more so stay tuned!


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