Choosing the right web host for your website is very essential to having an uninterrupted service. If you are setting up a new website, then this might be a tough decision for you considering the large number of web hosting providers out there. However, if you are already an experienced web master, then you should be able to tell what makes a good web hosting service by now.

Let quickly see the most important ones you should look out for.


Nobody has all the time to wait for a website that is out most of the time, when there are hundreds or thousands of websites with similar content. Uptimes and downtimes are two things you should take seriously when choosing a hosting provider. Uptimes refers to the times your website is available to visitors while downtimes are those times the website is shut down either for maintenance or due to an error in the server. Frequent downtimes can make you lose valuable customers and also tarnish the image of your brand if you are promoting your business online. Therefore, before selecting any web host, you must be sure that they can guarantee high availability of your website. Server maintenance is important but it doesn’t have to take so long. For best result, choose a web host that has at least up to 99% uptime. At createregister, you can get up to 99% uptime.


Bandwidth refers to the storage capacity of your hosting account. It determines the amount of data or information on your website that can be accessed by visitors. Most times, the nature of your website will determine the amount of bandwidth you need. For instance, if you have a website that has a lot of content and files or one that experiences a lot of traffic, then you will need a large bandwidth. For such websites, you need to choose a web host that offers an unlimited bandwidth at no extra cost for shared hosting servers and an inexhaustible bandwidth allocation for dedicated servers.

Customer Support

Managing a website is often not an easy task especially if you know little about web stack technologies. A lot of technical issues may arise, which may leave you confused and frustrated if they are not resolved in time. Therefore, when selecting a web host, you need to choose a service that can guarantee you of an all-round technical support available round the clock. Unfortunately, many web hosting service claim to offer a 24/7 technical support to webmasters, even those that don’t. So you need to be careful when choosing. But you don’t really need to look far or make any mistake before you learn. Choosing a hosting provider like createregister is your best shot at getting complete technical support for your website, every day, anytime!

There are definitely other factors that should influence your decision of the best web host, but the ones above should get you started.



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