secure-web-hostingThere are numerous web hosting agencies with different packages and juicy offers that often leave a beginner confused about which one to go for. Although, most of these companies always claim to have the best service, it is not always advisable to take them for their words. You stand a better chance of not making a mistake if you know some things beforehand. So apart from a reliable customer support, availability, and a flexible bandwidth, what are the other things that should determine your choice of a web host?

Your potential web host must have an email service that allows you create secure email accounts that have the same domain as your website. For instance, if your domain name is, then you should be able to set up email accounts like,,, etc. The email service should be easy to access and also come with features like auto responding and email forwarding which improves the webmaster’s experience.

Except you want to hire an IT specialist to run your website and server administration, you need to a control panel that is quite easy to use such as Plesk or cPanel. Because, almost every changes you are going to be making on your website and hosting account will be done from your control panel. Createregister offer hosting accounts that come with user-friendly control panels that makes it very easy for webmasters to successfully run their websites and servers.

SSL is now important like never before. In fact Google has started warning users to stay away from websites that have no SSL. SSL is simply a software that is usually enabled in websites to encrypt data sent from browsers to the web server. Websites with SSL usually start with “https” before their domain names. You need SSL especially if you run a website that collects and processes information from users (e.g. payment processing). Without SSL, user’s information can easily get stolen by third parties. So it is now paramount for every webmaster to operate with a recognized SSL certificate. This means that any web host you settle for must support the use of SSL on your website. Unfortunately, not all web hosting agencies has this feature.

Disk space allocation is another thing you need take into consideration when selecting a hosting service. This refers to the amount of storage that will be available to you for storing data. It can also be denoted by a File Number. Almost every hosting account has a limit on the disk space, so you need to plan wisely before making up your mind on which one you need. If your website is a pretty small one (perhaps a personal portfolio page), then you don’t need a lot of disk space. However, if your website is one that will likely process a lot of data (e.g. an ecommerce site), then you need a lot of disk space.

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