seoA dull old HTML based website that appears on the third page of a Google search is far more useful than an attractive wordpress site with an elegant theme that is not well optimized for search engines. Believe it or not, there is little you can do with your beautiful wordpress site if nobody is seeing it. There is more to ranking well on Google, Yahoo and Bing, than a well-designed web page with killer graphics and images. In fact, most of the things you care less about are actually what is more important to these search engines. A good example is your content. Do not think you will go anywhere near the first pages of any search engine result if you don’t take time to develop useful content. Taking time to understand some of these SEO technologies can make the much difference you have always wanted.

Below are four SEO tips you can start using for your wordpress site.

Develop quality content: Nothing works more in SEO like content. A well-developed content that is relevant to a search query made by a user can easily land you on the first page of a search result. When developing content, focus on using relevant keywords and write interestingly with visitors in mind.

Use backlinks: Consider using backlinks to link your wordpress site to other websites that may hold similar information which visitors might be looking for especially those that rank well on search engines. However you must only do this when necessary. Avoid stuffing your web pages with irrelevant backlinks as it can be irritating to users.

Optimize your images: Although not many have realized this; using relevant keywords to name the pictures on your website can also improve your ranking on Google. Apart from text results, Google also displays image results and it does this by drawing on image names that are relevant to the search queries made. So the next time you are adding any image to your site, think of a good name for it.

Install the WordPress SEO plugin: Installing the SEO plugin by Yoast can help make things faster. This is considered to be one of the easiest methods to improve page ranking for all wordpress users.

There are definitely more ways to optimize a wordpress site, but the ones above should get you started. Perhaps they are very easy to implement and you don’t need to pay a dime to anybody to do them for you. Meanwhile just focus on giving your users the best web experience and believe me, a high page ranking will naturally follow.


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