SEOIf you are an experienced webmaster, then by now you should know what SEO (search engine optimization) is and how it can help your website. However, for newbies, it is often difficult to grasp due to the abundance of information currently available on the subject. The goal of SEO is to optimize your website content for search engines like Google. Below are some few SEO tips you can apply, if you’re just starting out:
Add an ALT tag to your images: Google and other search engines do not see your images. This means you have to label the images so that search engines will know what they are about. Alt tags help you achieve this.
Use internal links: internal linking can help your website rank favourably in search engine result pages (SERPS). Avoid using the same anchor text for every link on the pages of your site.
Optimize your content: Make sure you optimize the content of your website using keywords people are searching for, or else your website might not rank well in search engines.
Focus on the topic of your page: while there are many ways you can improve SEO, no method works better than a rich content. Focus on providing an informative article based on your title. Do not try to dive into other something else while discussing a given topic. Doing this can potentially reduce the value of your content in front of search engines.
Do not use multiple H1 tags: this is a common mistake with most webmasters. A search engine like Google only reads what you put in your H1 tag in order to determine what your page is all about. Using multiple H1 tags can be confusing to search engines and might even get you penalized.
Use short page titles: You don’t need to use every word in writing your titles. In fact, the shorter your title is, the easier it is to be indexed by Google. Use only relevant keywords to form your page titles.
Use a meta description: In addition to a short page title, always add a meta description to your articles. Make sure you keep it short and clear so that it doesn’t exceed the number of characters allowed by Google. Avoid using the same tile and description for all the pages of your website.
No need for meta keywords: Using meta keywords is an old SEO tradition that wouldn’t get you anywhere today. Google no longer uses such keywords for SERPs. Just focus on making your description as sweet and “descriptive” as possible.
It will be very hard to cover everything in SEO in one day. Our idea is just to give you a push so that you will start off well. The tips above are enough to usher you into the best practices in SEO even as a beginner. Best regards!

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