email-marketingSo next time you want to send out that latest batch of marketing emails, stop and see where you might be getting it wrong. An effective email marketing campaign can make all the difference between building a brand customers appreciate and having one that doesn’t keep subscribers for too long. With that in mind, we have listed 5 of the biggest email marketing mistakes to avoid if you want to promote your business sales.

Failing to personalize the emails you send to customers or other businesses is probably the biggest mistake you can make with your marketing campaign. Such emails always appear unattractive to subscribers and are more likely to be ignored. Make sure your emails are always addressed with the name of the recipients.

If you really want to be on the mind of subscribers, then you must have a regular schedule. Upon signing up, let them know when to expect your emails or newsletters. Customers, who expect to hear from you weekly, are likely to forget about you if they don’t receive your email for 2 months.
Irrelevant lead capture page
The major objective of your email marketing campaigns should always be to encourage recipients to get more information about the product you are promoting in the email on your official website. Thus, the emails must link to the particular page of your website that contains the featured product or service or more information that is relevant to the subscriber. Avoid linking emails to your homepage if it has nothing to do with the content of the email.

A good Subject lines can make all the difference between gaining more open rates and click or losing more subscribers. While it is good to use “catchy” subject lines, make sure it’s something realistic and do not sound too extreme. Avoid using click bait subject lines that tend to make fool of recipients. For instance, a subscriber can open an email with a subject line like “Click here to get a free iPhone”, only to discover you are making a counter offer or encouraging them to enter a competition-no freebies in the end. Such emails can slowly tarnish the image of your brand and make customers lose trust in your company.

Engaging your customers through useful an informational content is a proven way to have a successful email marketing campaign. Do not always be in a hurry to send emails-take your time to plan content. Send targeted emails as such messages address the present need of customers. Most subscribers appreciate it emails with rich value content, even if they have to wait longer for it.

While email marketing will continue to remain as the most effective marketing tool, the way you use it will determine whether it will work for or against you.


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