email-marketingIf there is any vehicle that works faster in propelling your business to a highly targeted audience, it is email marketing. You do not only get to reach a larger community, but also get to do it at a very low cost. Recent reports reveal that you can make as high as $38-$50 in revenues for every single dollar you invest in an email marketing campaign. This simply means you can’t ignore email marketing no matter the type of business you have; from lead generation to establishing an active income stream, no better tool exist out there, not even social media.

However, just like any other business promotional tool, email marketing needs to be thought out and executed the right way. If not, it wouldn’t make any more difference for your business than the old-fashioned one way advertisements. So how can you do better with your emails? Check out these helpful email marketing tips for small businesses from the experts:

Sending your emails with relevant images is definitely a good way to make your brand stand out from the crowd. However, make sure you always add a descriptive ATL tag to the image. This will enable users to get the meaning of your images even if the image fails to show up on their mobile device, thus improving conversion. Generally, try to build mobile friendly emails.

Don’t ever send emails that aren’t targeted. While it is faster to send one email to everyone on your list, it may turn out to be your worst mistake. Most recipients usually delete or mark such emails as spam. Instead use targeted emails that specifically address your customers’ needs and interests. However, you may need to spend more time and money sorting your target audience. But this can never be compared to what you stand to gain in the end.

Before any other thing, customers are first drawn to a “catchy” subject line. A well thought out subject line is more likely to lead to more conversions by engaging customers. Personalize your emails by including the reader’s name on the subject line.  However, don’t run out and grab just any subject line you see, especially from your competitors. Just because something is working for particular company, doesn’t mean it will also work for your small business. Instead be creative; test and optimize every element in order to make them fit for your target audience. Two good examples of a catchy subject line include “Check this out, James!”, “Thank You, Maria!”. Always end your emails with a strong call to action.

In general, try to keep your subject lines short and only focus only on the important information.

A successful email marketing campaign can help you build a long lasting relationship with customers. Try to be flexible and never fail to make last minute changes when necessary. Remember you aim is to engage your audience with interesting content. Hopefully, the tips above will help you to write better email campaigns that will not be ignored by customers.


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