social-networkThese days, social media has become one of most effective platforms for small businesses to establish their online presence and build relationship with the public. Now, it is much easier for customers to relate directly with their favorite brand and learn about upcoming products or services, all made possible through the vehicle of social media. If you are already an experienced webmaster, then you should have had a fair share of successes and failures and should have learnt some things by now. However, if you are just starting out with your social media marketing campaign, then you can improve your chances of success by avoiding some common mistakes most companies normally make.

A common mistake made by most small businesses especially start-ups is to starting with so many social media account. Unfortunately, they only get to realize this mistake after working themselves out. You have probably heard social media is a great place to promote your products to a global audience, but you should also know that it involves a lot of work. Having an account on every social media is not bad, but should only be when you have the time and resources to manage the account because it’s a 24/7 game. If you are just starting out, it is better to create just one or two accounts so that you will be able to optimize the platforms. Posting fresh content everyday and keeping your audience engaged is not an easy task. Be realistic, or else you will never get the result you expect.

Unlike your website, users on social media are always in a hurry because there are just so many things to check. So don’t make the mistake of not having a visual voice. Use images and videos and try as much as possible to use less texts. Long boring articles are not meant for social media; maybe you can use them on your website.

Whatever you post on any social media platform should fit the niche of your business. Do not post an update on how to select the best shoes for an occasion when you sell cars. Doing this will confuse your audience and eventually rob you of followers.

Ignoring customer feedbacks can make your appear impersonal. Engage your followers personally and try to know their needs. Avoid using auto-pilot responders.

While you are on social media to promote your business, focusing all your attention on your brand without actively engaging your community is not a good move. Instead try to strike a balance between feeding your audience with interesting content and marketing. In fact focus more on interesting content, and only promote your new products or offerings when you feel your customers are interested and happy about what you are saying. The essence of social media is interaction-you can miss it if you opt for the old-fashioned one-way form of advertising.

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