email marketingDo you know what happens whenever a subscriber receives an irrelevant email? Well here is what happens-the subscriber will spam the email, unsubscribe from the brand or even worse, completely delete the message. Nothing is more annoying to customers than when they receive an email that has no bearing and is seemingly uninteresting. While an email marketing scheme might be the best promotional effort for businesses, it can turn out a big blunder for your new start-up if you are not getting it right. How would you feel if you received a recent email, only to open it to find out that the opening lines doesn’t bear your name or all of the links it contains are not working? Or even worse, the email doesn’t sound like anything near what you bargained for? The natural reaction is to get annoyed and probably delete or spam the message. You can also expect such from customers when they get such emails. Here are 3 email marketing mistakes that can cost you your customers.

Make sure you don’t forget to add social sharing buttons to your emails. In fact, many subscribers might want to share your emails with others, especially when they find it interesting. So you can expect a higher click through rate from emails different social media sharing options than those without one.

Stop sending emails that do not give recipients a chance to reply. After all, communication is two sided, and email marketing is not an exception. A “do not reply” address is more like giving all the command and waiting for your recipients to just obey. If you really want customers to patronize your products or services, then you must give them a chance to ask questions. The moment you start seeing email marketing as more of an interaction between two parties, the better for you!

Using relevant image in your emails sending your emails does not only separate your brand from the crowd, it can also evoke customers’ emotions to take action about the particular product or offer you are making. However, make sure you always include a descriptive ATL tag with the image, or else it may turn out bad for you. The image in an email may fail to appear sometimes, especially when the email is opened on a mobile device. Customers are usually annoyed with such messages, and often delete or spam them. However, including a descriptive tag will enable users to get the meaning of your images just even it fails to show up on their phones.

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