web-designOne of the milestones towards setting up your online business is obtaining a web hostingpackage. However, web hosting is a broadly confused concept. In fact most newbies go as far as paying an IT professional or developer to take care of all that has to do with bringing their website live, right from set-up to obtaining a domain, and then finally making the website accessible for users. While this can save you a lot of time and also let you focus on other areas of your business, it is not often a good move. Except you are starting a really big organization, it is not advisable to completely leave the administration of your website to someone else. This can jeopardize the security of your website and leave you at the mercy of the developer if something was to go wrong. The truth is that you can actually take care of everything that relates to setting up your online presence from purchasing a domain, setting up the website and maintaining it. Having an IT specialist can be a plus, but it is not always necessary especially if what you are planning is a small website for your start-up. You don’t need to scare away from things can actually help you become a better boss!

We are here to help you clear up some of your doubts about web hosting by answering the most frequently asked questions by new webmasters. Knowing the answers to these questions will not make you a professional in web stack technology, but it will surely open your eyes to the most important things. At the end you will be able to make an informed decision when choosing a web hosting package. So let’s get started.

Web hosting is simply the simple the means of storing or housing the content of your website online (usually on a server) so that it can be accessed by users anytime.

A server is simply a network connected computer. It is similar to your normal computer but is much faster and specifically dedicated to storing and sharing the content of your website to other computers. Since a server is also a computer, why not just use your normal computer as a server? Sure, you can but here is a simple reason not to- it is not practical! You computer cannot always be operated online all round the clock, everyday, and perhaps you might not be able to take care of the server security.

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