Sure, you can. At createregister, you can get a free domain name while purchasing a web hosting package. We provide everything you need to bring your website live and keep it running. Our customer support service and technical team is available round the clock to help you from start to finish.

Well that depends on the particular web hosting package you choose. At createregister you can pay as low as 1£ per month for web hosting. We offer a very cheap hosting plan for small businesses with a chance to move higher as you needs grow.

This actually depends on the needs of your business, whether it’s a small one or a large one. You will want to look out for things like bandwidth (the total amount of data you are allowed to upload to your site), storage capacity, uptime (the time your website is available and accessible to users) and more importantly customer support. Luckily, you don’t need to make a desperate search for the best web host; our packages at createregister are simply designed to fit into every business model you can think of. With our 24/7 online support, doing business will always get better.

Web hosting should never be confused with domain name. While web hosting concerns the “housing” of your website online, a domain name is simply your website’s identity. It is that address that users type into their web browsers whenever they want to visit your website. You can compare it with current house or business address. For instance, anyone who wishes to see you at home must come to your house address. The same way, anyone who wishes to “view” your website must type its address (domain name) into their web browser. You need to buy your domain name from a web hosting provider. At createregister, we offer domain name registration as part of our hosting packages.

   Please do not hesitant to contact us to get completely FREE support at anytime.

free technical support


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