SEOIf you are an experienced webmaster, then by now you should know what SEO (search engine optimization) is and how it can help your website. However, for newbies, it is often difficult to grasp due to the abundance of information currently available on the subject. The goal of SEO is to optimize your website content for search engines like Google. Below are some few SEO tips you can apply, if you’re just starting out:
Add an ALT tag to your images: Google and other search engines do not see your images. This means you have to label the images so that search engines will know what they are about. Alt tags help you achieve this.
Use internal links: internal linking can help your website rank favourably in search engine result pages (SERPS). Avoid using the same anchor text for every link on the pages of your site.
Optimize your content: Make sure you optimize the content of your website using keywords people are searching for, or else your website might not rank well in search engines.
Focus on the topic of your page: while there are many ways you can improve SEO, no method works better than a rich content. Focus on providing an informative article based on your title. Do not try to dive into other something else while discussing a given topic. Doing this can potentially reduce the value of your content in front of search engines.
Do not use multiple H1 tags: this is a common mistake with most webmasters. A search engine like Google only reads what you put in your H1 tag in order to determine what your page is all about. Using multiple H1 tags can be confusing to search engines and might even get you penalized.
Use short page titles: You don’t need to use every word in writing your titles. In fact, the shorter your title is, the easier it is to be indexed by Google. Use only relevant keywords to form your page titles.
Use a meta description: In addition to a short page title, always add a meta description to your articles. Make sure you keep it short and clear so that it doesn’t exceed the number of characters allowed by Google. Avoid using the same tile and description for all the pages of your website.
No need for meta keywords: Using meta keywords is an old SEO tradition that wouldn’t get you anywhere today. Google no longer uses such keywords for SERPs. Just focus on making your description as sweet and “descriptive” as possible.
It will be very hard to cover everything in SEO in one day. Our idea is just to give you a push so that you will start off well. The tips above are enough to usher you into the best practices in SEO even as a beginner. Best regards!

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SSLWhen it comes to the web, handling personal data is a fundamental issue. Whether you are building a large e-commerce store or just a simple website that sends newsletters to users, security should be your topmost priority. In the last 12 months, many cases of high profile hacking have been reported; even top players in the industry (yes, the big sites you know about) have had their own shares of security breaches which most times have been traced to small lags in their security networks. This should tell you how important it is to have a secure website, and one of the stepping stones towards making this possible are what is known as SSL certificates.
This guide is just a thumb view of what SSL is; there is definitely more about the subject than could be covered on one or two web pages. However, reading the next few paragraphs that follow will serve as the perfect start if you are really interested in learning about SSL and the role it plays in your site’s security.
Let’s start with the most important question-what are SSL certificates?
SSL itself stands for Secure Socket layers. It encrypts the data shared between a server and the users of a website, so that it cannot be hijacked by a third party. Through HTTPS, SSL is able to ensure a secure connection between the users of a website and the server hosting the site by verifying the information being shared. An SSL certificate is simply a document that validates the use of SSL on a particular website. It tells users that the website they are using is legitimately yours. In order words, you prove your ownership of your website to visitors by purchasing an SSL certificate.
There are two common types of SSL certificates-basic validation and extended validation. The first is used to verify the ownership of your domain while the latter provides advanced security checks by validating the ownership of your business.. A good example of a place to get your SSL certificate is Createregister.
HTTPS is the common benefit of purchasing an SSL certificate for your site. Thus instead of the normal URL that appears before your domain name in the web browser of users, “https” is shown followed by the domain name, both making up your web address. Interestingly most users are now aware of this and will likely refuse to share their personal information with websites that do not have SSL.
While SSL will not guarantee the security of your site, it assures visitors that the site can be trusted. And you know nothing is more dreadful than when a site cannot be relied upon. So if you are really serious about doing legitimate business online, then you must get an SSL certificate for your website.

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Windows Dedicated Server – Important Factors For Selecting the Right Server

Online businesses are on the top of town these days. The main thing is that these business opportunities are providing many benefits to owners. Due to easy availability of products and services, more people are starting their own business. However, if you are planning to build your career in online industry, there are some important points that you need to know, especially if this is your first time. Firstly, it is very vital to build a catchy and appealing good website that will related and suit your business theme. Apart from that, you should also have some knowledge about search engine optimization or digital marketing for increase the traffic flow to your web site. It is very important for you to have a basic knowledge about how to attract visitors and how to market your products when you are going to start your business.

For running website in a proper way, you need to host your website on Cheap Windows Dedicated Server as this is the best for hosting website and it will give you right traffic to your website. Now a days, there are different types of servers available in the market today like Linux  dedicated server hosting and windows  dedicated server hosting. But due to simplicity, windows are earning a lot of popularity. Windows are easy to manage and handle, they can even manage by the person who has less information about servers. The main thing about cheap windows dedicated server is that, they help business owner to get more and more traffic. When you are selecting windows servers for your business website, these are some important factors that you need to be considered.

Now a days, in the market there are different vendors that are providing servers for business but you must aware about basic technical things about what they offer. Some vendors are providing different types of offers and discounts on dedicated servers. It is also vital that you should consider reputation of vendor /company in the market from where you are going to buy windows dedicated service in the market. Reliability, disk space, customer service and support that you have to focus when looking for a dedicated server for your business. Main thing is support, always go with good support provider because any time you can face  problem with your server and in that time support can only resolve your issues.


seoA dull old HTML based website that appears on the third page of a Google search is far more useful than an attractive wordpress site with an elegant theme that is not well optimized for search engines. Believe it or not, there is little you can do with your beautiful wordpress site if nobody is seeing it. There is more to ranking well on Google, Yahoo and Bing, than a well-designed web page with killer graphics and images. In fact, most of the things you care less about are actually what is more important to these search engines. A good example is your content. Do not think you will go anywhere near the first pages of any search engine result if you don’t take time to develop useful content. Taking time to understand some of these SEO technologies can make the much difference you have always wanted.

Below are four SEO tips you can start using for your wordpress site.

Develop quality content: Nothing works more in SEO like content. A well-developed content that is relevant to a search query made by a user can easily land you on the first page of a search result. When developing content, focus on using relevant keywords and write interestingly with visitors in mind.

Use backlinks: Consider using backlinks to link your wordpress site to other websites that may hold similar information which visitors might be looking for especially those that rank well on search engines. However you must only do this when necessary. Avoid stuffing your web pages with irrelevant backlinks as it can be irritating to users.

Optimize your images: Although not many have realized this; using relevant keywords to name the pictures on your website can also improve your ranking on Google. Apart from text results, Google also displays image results and it does this by drawing on image names that are relevant to the search queries made. So the next time you are adding any image to your site, think of a good name for it.

Install the WordPress SEO plugin: Installing the SEO plugin by Yoast can help make things faster. This is considered to be one of the easiest methods to improve page ranking for all wordpress users.

There are definitely more ways to optimize a wordpress site, but the ones above should get you started. Perhaps they are very easy to implement and you don’t need to pay a dime to anybody to do them for you. Meanwhile just focus on giving your users the best web experience and believe me, a high page ranking will naturally follow.


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In order to successful distinguish your business as a unique brand; you need to create an image that allows customers to recognize you among competitors. One of the ways to achieve this is through signature branding. Use unique signatures in every aspect of your business especially when sending messages to customers. This signatures should also make up the URL of you website including the email account you are using for your business.

This is probably the best promotional effort anybody can use to optimize their website especially for search engines. Content is not only good for SEO, it is also necessary to keep your readers interested in your products or services. Try as much as you can to use less text combined with images to pass the message across. Infographics also work well with business sites, as customers may not have the time to go through long piece of texts. You can also exchange backlinks with websites that have high ranking to gain more visibility.

In building a brand online, it is always favourable to gain the loyalty of your local market, even though you want to go international. You should know more than anything else, that it is much easier to do business in your own “domain”.  Google Local Business allows you to register vital information about your business (which could comprise of text, pictures and ads) at no cost. This information is eventually displayed in the Google Local Business page which normally makes up the greater part of the search results. This gives your business more exposure to your local community and also allows customers to find you more easily.

Finally, the five tips we have discussed so far should be enough to give your brand a voice. Although it might take some time, with much hard work and consistency, you will definitely end up with a high customer base.